The Iron Man: London Fletcher

Today, the heart, soul & identity of the Washington Redskins defense, London Fletcher, announced his retirement as their captain and inside linebacker at the conclusion of the 2013 NFL season. The definition of blue collar work ethic, London Fletcher will end his NFL career having never missed a day at work.  At the end of his 16 years he will have played 256 consecutive games.  Only three other humans have ever accomplished this feat in the history of the NFL. 

London Fletcher says goodbye to Redskins Nation & FedEx field at his final home game.

In two weeks London Fletcher will retire with over 2,000 tackles, 39 sacks and 23 INT.  Those are Hall of Fame worthy statistics.  For comparison check out the image below.  Just remember, this image is from 2012.

London Fletcher has also accumulated alot of accolades during his time in the NFL.  A Hall of Fame career from a player who started his as an undrafted free agent in 1998.

Career highlights and awards