Washington Redskins General Manager

When owner Dan Snyder hired Mike & Bruce four years ago they were both given the title of Executive Vice President of Football Operations. As HC Mike was going to coach them up & Bruce was going to balance the numbers as the GM. And finally ... Dan was going let football people run the business.

Four years later and Mike's contract is about to expire and the decision must be made weather or not to renew his contract. But whose decision is that to make ?

What Dan needs now is a 3rd Executive Vice President (EVP) of Football Operations. Dan needs to do what he does best & open his wallet. He should recruit player personnel guru on the level of Ozzie Newsome to oversee the franchise long term personnel decisions & allow Bruce to continue do what he does best, which is handle the contracts/salaries. Together, these two EVP should decide if and when a HC contract is renewed.

The way it is set up now Bruce & Mike discuss personnel matters ... however Mike has the final word and essentially dictating the direction the franchise is heading. I believe this is too much responsibility for one person. Having 3 EVP provides checks and balances to ensure no one person turns into Caesar.

Dan Snyder should go all in & invest in having the BEST player personnel department in the league. And then step back and continue to let football people guide the franchise in the right direction.

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